Illuminated Eve 2019

Illumination Collective, Main Street Landing, Burlington VT

Illuminated Eve was the culmination of our second year of collaboration. One of the main thought processes was to create an experience that highlighted the wonders of the night and promoting the unique ways artists can create interactive light installations. With returning projects such as Cascade, Drum Lights, and the Giant Illuminated Whale, we showed our arsenal of creative works. We also had several new projects such as Liminal, Illuminated Poster Wall, LED Fan Dancing, Light Active Noodles, Laser Lights, Holoyo, and a new version of The LED Experience.

We interacted with the community during the night learning about how much they enjoyed our projects and teaching them about how we made them. Because of the performance theater group, Sudden Death and Resurrection, we got audience participation during our dancing with the Light Active Noodles and the inflated LED Beach Balls. Tito’s Vodka provided a bar on the premises as well. We were able to light up their space with an LED strip that added some futuristic lighting to the drinks. With DJs Luis Calderin and Two Sev in the black box theater providing music for the party and the Illuminated Whale glowing in multi-color, people danced and celebrated the night.