Illuminated Forest 2019

Illumination Collective, Champlain Mini Maker Faire, Shelburne Farms, Shelburne VT

The Illuminated Forest at the Champlain Mini Maker Faire is a continuation of the collaboration between the Maker Faire and Illumination Collective. This year (2019), we dealt with a shorter timeframe, which meant we had to act fast and put together an experience that brought a bit of magic back to the forest. Located at Shelburne Farms for the second year in a row, Illumination Collective added some new installations to the event. With projection mapping into the forest with Liminal by Terrance Sehr and its many fairy lights that appeared on the trees to Inside Outside by Jane Adams, a delectable taste of an indoor living room brought out to be housed under the canopy. From previous works such as Silhouettes and lighted paths by Ken Howell to our newest interactive piece, The LED Experience by Richard Stock, we were able to illuminate the forest path. As visitors traveled up the trail, they came to Cascade by Jody Brown and were able to step inside the glowing orbs and enjoy the peace of the overhead radiating light. Towards the center of the path, visitors came to the massive 14ft Illuminated Ghost Whale by Kristian Brevik. After enjoying the view, they went to play with the Drum Lights by George Philibrick, a musically interactive experience where one could beat a drum and see addressable LED strips react and light up as they hung from a tree. Towards the end of the path, one could gaze out into the trees and see the Black Light Birds by Alex Costantino illuminated by their respective light sources.

Illuminated Forest was again a great experience that allowed the Illumination Collective to get together and create a beautiful, safe, and interactive experience for a curious audience.