Illuminated Forest Festival 2019

Illumination Collective, Flood Plain Forest, Randolph Area Community Development Corporation, Randolph VT

Illuminated Forest Festival was a collaboration with the Randolph Area Development Corporation to highlight the importance of the flood plains in Randolph Vermont. These vital areas are by necessity undeveloped, but are not generally known by the community as public spaces. As a key resource in the heart of downtown, RADC created the event to promote awareness and increase community. 
The Illumination Collective was fortunate enough to headline this festival as we brought our projects from Illuminated Forest to create another festivus experience for the people of Randolph.

From projects such as Liminal, to Cascade, to the LED Experience, Drum Lights, and a Forest Lamp Room, we lit up the night for all festival goers. As attendees walked along the path through the Flood Plain Forest, they were able to witness the creations of the group and many saw the wonder of the land. “I want to come back here during the daytime!” was heard multiple times. The citizens of Randolph Vermont were very happy to host us and are excited to see us next year.

If you are interested in reading an article in The Herald about this event: