The LED Experience 2019

Illumination Collective, Art Hop 2019, Generator Makerspace, Burlington VT

Our event, The LED Experience was combination of LED lights, illuminated jellyfish, and a 14ft illuminated ghost whale. This event was funded by the Burlington City Arts Community Fund and hosted at Generator Makerspace in the South End of Burlington. Our goal was to hold an event that celebrated community crafted art during the annual Art Hop, the South End Arts + Business Association’s 3-day community art event.

To view all the photos from the event, you can go to our online Gallery. This is where you cab access it. Pass Gallery of Photos:

We believed that it was our duty to introduce people to the intersection of art & technology by letting them create their own pieces of art using LED Wands while we captured photos to print for them to take home.

In this experience, we crafted LED Wands and waved them around in all sorts of patterns to create technicolor long exposure photography. By using an app connected via bluetooth to the wands, we were able to control the colors of the lights, the speed of the vibrating patterns, and the brightness. All of these factors as well as the many community members allowed our wands to be used to make amazing long exposure photos of patterns, waves, and psychedelic sights.